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Fall comes early this year - Fall comes early this year [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fall comes early this year

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Fall comes early this year [Sep. 18th, 2007|04:34 am]
Fall comes early this year
I am typing this from an undisclosed location on the UMD campus where there is a bed, and obviously a computer, but no blankets, it's way too cold, and I accidentally took the wrong dose of my meds, so because insomnia is a side effect, I will probably not sleep tonight.
This was not a good idea. I figured it'd save me commute time and Metro fare, which it will, but the last thing I need is to work another shift on next to no sleep, especially since I'm going to see Double Negative in Baltimore and staying there to(morrow)night.
I'd been hopping the metro a bunch lately, but I got caught twice at my home stop and once at the College Park stop, so I'm gonna give it a rest.

I live next door to a towing company, and there are people getting yelling and getting into near fights at all hours of the day. This afternoon, there was an ordeal where this guy who didn't have enough to get his car out of the lot started yelling at some other guy and literally threatened to rape and kill the guy's daughter who was with him. One of my (female) roommates went outside to tell the guy to shut the fuck up and not to talk to women like that, and received the same threat. Apparently, the guy works at a vision clinic and was trying to offer optometry service in exchange for getting his car out of impound, and ended up dropping his business card with cell phone number on the ground, which my roommate retrieved, called the office where he works, and told them what happened because they deserve to know.
What makes people act like this?

I went to the anti-war march in DC on Saturday, and I honestly have to wonder what the point of continuing to have them at this point is. The rally culminated on the lawn outside the capital, and at one point people were practicing "civil disobedience" by literally volunteering themselves to get arrested, and something like 125 people did this. If you're going to get arrested at a march, shouldn't it be for doing something?

I think a trip to the Midwest, this time Chicago and possibly Indianapolis is in order for early November. I'm probably going to a conference in Ann Arbor, MI with the co-op the first weekend of the month, so it wouldn't be a stretch to take the following week off work.

Speaking of both trips and Ann Arbor, I got the Stooges "Funhouse" on vinyl after wearing out a tape copy and have been listening to it nonstop. This record definitely makes sense after the first one, but the musical transition from this to "Raw Power" isn't yet clear to me, except that it's a psychological return to reality, in spite of Iggy Pop being a full-fledged heroin addict when the latter came out.
It definitely seems like a drug thing, where Iggy "didn't have a lot of fun" in 1969 and started taking SOMETHING (heroin at that point, or hallucinogens maybe?) in 1970, and things suddenly got a lot more interesting. It really makes me think of being fifteen and smoking weed by myself in the woods near my dad's house, or the one time I did acid in November of 1997, and goddamn I wish I'd known of and listened to this record instead of the fucking Spawn soundtrack.
ANYWAY, it's sort of the equivalent of, say, listening to My War and the B side of Family Man after getting burned out on The First Four Years.
His "I Got A Right" single has recently been bootlegged. I believe this song was recorded around the same time as Raw Power, but didn't appear on anything else and sounds like the fast punk that was to come, maybe even proto-hardcore.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever become more well adjusted and be able to focus on things and function like a regular person someday, or read all the books that I want to, find something I'm good at that I can run with, or at least find people who "get" me and who I get.

[User Picture]From: alloutofspite
2007-09-21 02:56 am (UTC)
But didn't you say it was at the expense of your reading comprehension?
I'm not ruling them out, just saying.

Are you still loving Portland?
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[User Picture]From: girlracer
2007-09-21 03:23 am (UTC)

that was only for like a day

portland's still pretty cool, I'm working tomrorow for a nonprofit called "ENVIRONMENT OREGON" going door to door for minimum wage trying to raise money to stop development

it'll probably suck, hopefully one of the offices I submitted my resume to will actually call me and want me so I won't have to do it, we'll see

keep in touch
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