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Spring has come early this year - Fall comes early this year [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fall comes early this year

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Spring has come early this year [Mar. 9th, 2008|07:18 pm]
Fall comes early this year
Holy fuck, two year-defining weekends in a row.
This weekend I went to Kollapse Fest in Richmond. Here's the short version

-Being in full-on "feeling/acting drunk while completely sober" mode all weekend. Playing kickball on one hour of sleep and everyone else still recovering from the night before (except Chris from Baltimore, who is pretty much my equivalent as far as straightedge kids go). Me figuratively stealing bases, him literally stealing bases, my jumping in the air to buttslam him, overaiming, and yes.
-Anytime Jeff "Foat" Kraftos and I get together, there's mayhem and usually kissing involved. Sucks I only usually see him once a year.
-Met some awesome Baltimore kids, I don't know why I'm meeting them now instead of when I lived there!
-Not nearly as into crust/d-beat/whathaveyou as I was a few years ago, but most of the bands were pretty good, especially After The Bombs, Attake, and Man The Conveyors. Punx going nuts instead of standing around with their arms folded.

The only negative is that Jen didn't show up.

-Attempting to jump on the stage to stagedive, and hitting my head on the corner of a hanging speaker.
-Getting thrown/dropped back onto the stage after I did stagedive, and falling onto the corner of a stage monitor. My left side has a two inch bruise.

I got home late last night and spent today organizing and packing my stuff. Two suitcases (one with all my 7"s from out here) are on their way to Chicago, I'll be mailing 2-3 boxes of tapes and zines, and my backpack should fit the rest.

GOT A PLACE IN SAN FRANCISCO!! Treasure Island to be specific, $540 a month and $20 utilities with roommates that seem a lot more interesting than most on Craigslist, and 24 hour Muni service to the city. I don't want to live there for too long, especially since the island has questionable air quality and I'd rather live with friends on the mainland, but it seems like a decent option for now.

[User Picture]From: alloutofspite
2008-03-11 03:30 am (UTC)
Do it!
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